Hi, I am Phil Mishanin.
Entrepreneur, product designer and traveller.
I want to change the hiring process. I believe that methods currently used by most job boards are outdated, and that's why I dedicate all my free time to building the new, modern job platform - Woorking.com
Product designer
I used to work as a product designer for more than 8 years. Lived and worked in Philadelphia, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Designed for Barclays, Toyota, PWC, Deloitte, HP, LG, Verifone and others. You can find my portfolio on Behance, Dribbble or see my full Resume here.
Traveller - 38 countries
I am addicted to travel. I climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain in Tanzania, visited Disneyland in Paris, lost my passport in Palo Alto, made some cool photos at Grand Prix Formula 1 in Baku, flew a balloon in Cappadocia, drove about 6000 km through 4 countries in 5 days.

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